Sign-up Rules & FAQ

Sign-up Rules

  1. Games are held EVERY Sunday. Please make sure your schedule is accommodating before signing up.
  2. An individual may only be on the roster and play for one team during the entire tournament.
  3. Individuals qualified to participate are either current or former employees of a qualified studio or a member of the Studio Rumble Steam group.
    • Former professional eSports players are allowed if they are currently not on and won't be on the roster of a professional eSports team for the duration of the tournament. NEW
  1. A team does not need to state what studio it is from. In such a case, use an alias.
  2. A team may claim they are from a studio if their roster can field a full team of current employees from that studio or under the same publisher umbrella. IE: If a game requires 5 players to play, then the team must have at least 5 players from that studio to claim to be from that studio.
  3. A team cannot claim they are from a studio if the number of employees from that studio or publisher umbrella is not a majority.
    • Note: This this number only applies to recruited players. Solo Queue players who are assigned to your team by the Studio Rumble administrators do not count.
    • If your team cannot claim they are from a studio, then you must put Solo Queue for your team's studio.
  4. Rosters cannot be changed when the tournament starts.
  1. Qualifying studios are defined as: "An incorporated entity which has shipped or is working on a video game product."
    • Video Game Product includes video games, middleware, development tools, services etc.
    • Major version releases of the same product count. EG: Unity 5.
  2. Please remember: A valid team must consist of at least five members who currently are employed by the studio or publisher umbrella that the team represents.
  1. There will not be any official streaming unless I can find a volunteer (email
  2. Players and spectators are allowed to stream as long as
    • They get permission from both team captains.
    • And they announce their intention to stream in All Chat multiple times before the game.
  3. If you make a permanent video please email it to and we will post it in the galary.

Sign-up FAQ

I'm done making my team, what do I do next?
Creating a team on the Studio Rumble website is enough to enter you in the tournament.

I am the odd man out at my company and am not on a team. Can I still play?
Yes, some teams are recruiting players. See the recruiting page. The Solo Queue teams are default buckets provided by the Administrators. Solo Queue players will be divided into teams at the start of the tournament.

I am a former industry employee but currently out of the industry. Can I play?
Yes, signup through solo queue.

My studio is an indie / mobile company. Can we make a team?

My studio won’t let us make a team. What can I do?
You can use an alias for your studio when forming a team. Please note that you will still need to follow the studio related rules for team creation. Teams using an alias may be disqualified from certain prizes (physical trophies).

How do I sign-up?
Visit the Studio Rumble website and create an account. Then either join or create a team. After your team is formed, signup with your team to the tournament.

What is the length of the competition?
If you keep winning, you can expect to keep playing until December (before Xmas vacation).

I usually do X on Sundays, are the games always on Sunday? What time?
Teams can coordinate their scheduled games with the other team on any day/time within the week. The Sunday deadline is used as a hard determination that one team has forfeited.

Can we create an "all star" team of people at different companies? Or do all members on a team need to be at the same company?
Same company. If your studio cannot field a team, then you may join another company's team or Solo Queue.

Is there a per-studio team limit?
No limit. A studio may have as many teams participating as it can field.