Due Dates are Soft Due Dates

The due dates are very soft. I don't mind if you submit later or even the day after.

The reason I picked 8:30 PM PST is because you need to be conscious of EST teams. When its 8:30 PST it is 11:30 EST.

Pre-season has started!

Pre-season is here! Each team will play against each team in their group once. The results of pre-season are used to seed the tournament. The last game of pre-season is August 13th.

This weeks matches.
Team grouping.

Map: Each week a map will be chosen randomly. This weeks map is Garden of Terror.

Team creation and Solo-Queue is still available during pre-season but will be disabled afterward.

Click for more info

Streaming and Schedule

Updates regarding streaming and more information on the tournament structure and dates.

Updated FAQ

The FAQ has been updated with 3 questions. Read this post for the updates only.

Heroes of the Storm Tournament - 2015

Sign-ups are open! Tournament Starts July 26th!


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