Notes about Studio Rumble

Studio Rumble is a self run organization that organizes tournaments between game companies. It is not sponsored or run by any video game company. We are all doing this in our free time.

Teams are not official company teams. When we say a team is 'XYZ company' it means that the team is composed employee's from that company. Nothing more, do not read beyond this fact.

Teams are not stacked. This is not the best of one company vs. the best of another. Do not try to gauge, measure or otherwise interpret the results of the match.

Stream Links to Simi-FInals

Stream for the simi-finals will be available at:


Matches start at 8:30 PM PST today (Thursday).

The matchup is SAy My Name (Riot) vs Samurais In Disguise (Blizzard). Best of three.

Each team will ban a map. One team then another. Then the first team will pick a map to play. The other team will get first hero pick.

After this game, the teams switch on who goes first, the same process repeats except the previously played map is already banned.

Before the start of all of this, flip a coin, whoever wins gets to pick if they want to choose map or hero first.

Streaming Simi-Finals


The date for the finals has been set. SAy My Name vs Samurais In Disguise will be playing on Jan. 21st starting at 8:00 PM PST. The format is a best of three.

The winner of this game will go on to play Abe's Babes and the Smiths. The looser will take third place in the tournament.


We don't have an official stream yet, I am out of the country. If you can, or know someone who would like to stream the simi-finals and finals, please email

When we get an official stream, I will send out another mailer with links.

Simi-Finals Date

As an FYI, the simi-finals will be played in mid January. I will send out a mailer with info on where and when to watch the stream.

Final Map List

Map List:

  • Round 1: Sky Temple
  • Round 2: Dragon Shire
  • Round 3: Cursed Hollow
  • Round 4: Sky Temple
  • Round 5: Blackhearts Bay
  • Round 6: Haunted Mines
  • Round 7: Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Round 8: Cursed Hollow
  • Round 9: Infernal Shrines
  • Round 10: Garden of Terror
  • Final: TBD

Round 2 Map and Match List

In addition to the bracket page, I have re-created the match list. You can find it here.

Round 2's map is Dragon Shire

Heroes of the Storm Tournament - 2015

The Cup

The Tournament will be double elimination, starting September 21st you will have 7 days to complete your match. Matches are best of one. If you loose, you will be moved to the losers bracket, if you loose in the Losers Bracket you are out.

Links for the Main Bracket, Losers Bracket and Final are at the top of the Brackets page.

Many teams have a bye this week. Click on the Bracket tab to see who you are playing (if at all).

Round 1's map is Sky Temple

Break Before Tournament

There will be a one week break before the tournament starts. Earlier I messaged that we would start right away, but a number of people have asked for a break. Please take the time to finish your week 7 game.

The first map of the tournament will be Sky Temple

A number of teams have been un-responsive to the last couple of matches. If you feel your team can no longer show up to games with a full squad, please PM Diamonds asking to remove your team from the tournament.

The team GLUthor Lightbringers has gone completely AFK and will not be participating in the tournament. If you are on this team and feel that you can still play, please PM Diamonds.

What format should we run the Tournament?

Single Elimination
22% (19 votes)
Double Elimination
78% (67 votes)
Total votes: 86

Pre-Season Streaming and Replays


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