Overwatch Tournament Rules

These are the rules for the Studio Rumble Overwatch 2016 Tournament.

Esports Arena has allowed us to use their ruleset they created for their recent tournament. They have been modified to fit our needs.


Matches are posted each week on Sunday. Teams have 1 week to complete their match. The match has a default suggested time, but captains can change the date / time to whenever they want.


Stacking heroes is allowed. There are no bans.


Each week has a different map. The map will be posted with the match line-up.


- Assault, escort, hybrid maps:
  • The team on the left of the match page (from the Studio Rumble website) will attack first. After which, the attacker then defends.
  • Teams will receive 1 point for successfully attacking or defending (2-0 if one team successfully attacks and defends). If both teams won on the attacking side, then the team with the fastest map time will receive an extra point (2-1 for the faster team). If both teams win on defending side, then the team that captured the farthest objective will receive an extra point (2-1), OR if that is a tie as well, teams will play a random Control map to break tie.
  • Team captains must coordinate using a stopwatch. Here is a online stopwatch that produces a sharable link: https://www.piliapp.com/timer/stopwatch/.
- Control maps :
  • Teams will receive 1 point for each capture point taken in a best of 3 (2-1 or 2-0).

Tournament Starts in 10 days

The Studio Rumble Overwatch Tournament 2016 will start in just 10 days (June 5th).

Please form your team on the website now, even if you don’t have a full roster. This will help me get an idea of how many teams we will have.

If you want to play with other Studio Rumble folks, or just want to hang out you can find us on Facebook and on Discord.

The Discord invite link is available in the menu after logging in. (please do not share this link outside of Studio Rumble)

For Facebook, please email admin@studiorumble.com with the email address that you use on Facebook and I will send you an invite.

Announcing the Volunteer Caster Program

Studio Rumble is proud to announce the Volunteer Caster Program.

The website has been updated to allow for caster accounts. Team captains can now request to have their match casted. As a caster, you will be able to sign-up to cast those matches. Any match that you signup to cast will be advertised on the Studio Rumble website with your stream info.

Anyone can sign-up as a caster. All skill levels welcome (amateur to professional). Studio Rumble team participants can also sign-up as a caster. If you know someone, please feel free to forward them this link / email.

Sign up as a caster here

Overwatch Tournament - 2016 - A note on the two divisions

Hi all,

A reminder: this year's tournament has two divisions, separated by difficulty level.

Because of our roots with FPS games, we expect the tournament this year to be extra competitive.

The Try Hard division will be especially difficult, as most companies are putting their best foot forward. Be wary when joining this division. Pre-made teams with prior FPS experience that can practice at least twice a week should be in this division.

The Dirty Casual division, despite its name, is the original "for fun" spirit of Studio Rumble. It will still be a competitive experience. We expect that the majority of teams will be in this division.

Please consider your teams skill level and ability to practice when choosing a division. It won't be fun for you or your team to lose all the time. If you have already set your team's division, you can change it in the edit team page.

Solo Queue

Don't forget there is Solo-Queue for players without a team. Both divisions have their own Solo-Queue sign-up. Do not join the Try Hard division unless you have the time to practice with your team.

Ringer Teams

The question of ringer teams / players has come up and I want to address it in its own post. For this update, ringers are defined as: players with exceptional skill.

Ringer players are allowed if they meet the following guidelines (note: these are the same guidelines for all players):

  1. An individual may only be on the roster and play for one team during the entire tournament.
  2. Individuals qualified to participate are either current or former employees of a qualified studio or a member of the Studio Rumble Steam group.
  3. Former professional eSports players are allowed if they are currently not on and won't be on the roster of a professional eSports team for the duration of the tournament.

Ringer teams are allowed, but have restrictions on how they may claim they are from a studio.

  1. A team may only claim they are from a studio if their roster has 5 or more current employees from that studio.
  2. A team may not claim they are from a studio if they recruited three or more Solo Queue players.
    • Note: This this number only applies to recruited players. Solo Queue players who are assigned to your team by the Studio Rumble administrators do not count.
    • If your team cannot claim they are from a studio, then you must put Solo Queue for your team's studio.

As a special note, I would like to discourage cross studio teams. This tournament is meant for employees from studio X playing against employees from studio Y. With the exception of Solo Queue teams.
Double note: this is not currently happening. I just wanted to call special attention to it.

- Diamonds

Overwatch Tournament - 2016

How to join:

  1. Read the Signup Rules & FAQ.
  2. Organize a team at your studio.
  3. Determine which division your team would like to participate in. NEW
  4. Create a team on the Studio Rumble website. Set which division your team will participate in.
  5. Pre-Season starts June 5th! Signup and team creation still available during Pre-Season.
  6. Signup closes when the Tournament starts.

To sign-up you must create an account on the Studio Rumble website.

Questions can be sent to: admin@studiorumble.com.


There are two divisions with this years tournament; Try Hard and Dirty Casual. NEW

Try Hard Division: This is the standard tournament. It is for competitive teams. Format will consist of Round Robin pre-season which will seed the bracket tournament (single or double elimination TBD).

Dirty Casual: This is a non-competitive division. It is meant for new players and people with a Life™. This division will only have Round Robin, which will run longer to accommodate for the lack of an elimination tournament. This division also starts on June 5th.

The 2016 tournament will soon start!

The Studio Rumble 2016 tournament will soon start. The first thing we need to do is determine what to play. Cast your vote here. Voting ends May 3rd. Once a game is picked, we will enable team creation.

Last year we had 44 teams participate! This year lets get even more! Spread the word, the more the merrier!

What game should host the 2016 tournament?

68% (64 votes)
Rocket League
21% (20 votes)
Rainbox Six: Siege
3% (3 votes)
2% (2 votes)
2% (2 votes)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 94

Congratulations HotS 2015 Tournament Winners!

Congratulations to Abe's Babes and the Smiths (Riot) our 2015 Heroes of the storm champions!

Yes, there is a trophy!

In second place we have Samurais In Disguise (Blizzard) and in third place SAy My Name (Riot).

Thank you to each team who participated in this year's tournament. I had an absolute blast organizing it. Make sure to pay attention to the studio rumble website in May when we start to plan the 2016 tournament.

Heroes of the Storm Finals - Date and Stream Links

The finals are here! Abe's Babes and the Smiths (Riot) vs Samurais In Disguise (Blizzard) will be facing off Thursday February 4th at 10PM PST.

You can watch the finals Thursday February 4th at 10PM PST via one of these links:

The format of the tournament is as follows:

  1. The finals will be a best of five. Abe's Babes and the Smiths come from the Winner's bracket so they already have one win.
  2. The Battleground map is picked by having each team ban one battleground. Then the team that banned first gets to pick the battleground.
  3. The battleground Blackheart's Bay is pre-banned because it was the map that gave Abe's Babes and the Smiths their starting win.
  4. The team that didn't pick battleground will pick hero first. There are no hero bans.
  5. After the match is over, the process starts over with the teams switched in roles. Maps that have been played are already banned.


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