Direction of Studio Rumble

Now that we have this robust tournament software running the website and our tournaments, we have the option of growing Studio Rumble.

Please help us decide the direction of Studio Rumble by participating in this survey. Note: you'll have to hit submit for each poll individually.

Comment threads are per-poll. Click on the 'read more' link of a poll to post a comment.

Overwatch Tournament - Dirty Casual Round 2

As promised the dirty casual division has been extended. Teams that opted-in have been added to the tournament.

Scoring and rules will be the same, except we will be playing with the highlander rule (only one hero per team, no duplicates).

Matches for Dirty Casual Round 2 can be found under 'My Matches.' Click read more to see the map list.

Overwatch Tournament - 2016

The Cup

The Tournament will be double elimination, you will have 7 days to complete your match. Matches are best of one. If you lose, you will be moved to the losers bracket, if you loose in the losers bracket you are out.

Scoring and rules will be the same, except we will be playing with the highlander rule (only one hero per team, no duplicates).

Should we implement the Highlander Rule?

Blizzard has implemented highlander for ranked play. Should we also use it for the tournament going forward?

The highlander rule is where only one hero is allowed per team. No more twinston etc.

93% (89 votes)
7% (7 votes)
Total votes: 96

What format should the tournament be in?

Double Elimination
88% (76 votes)
Single Elimination
12% (10 votes)
Total votes: 86

Studio Rumble the Non-Profit

I'm in the process of creating a legal non-profit entity for Studio Rumble.

As part of this process I have to show that we have 'public support' for the non-profit. So for starters I've added a derpy donate button on the website.

If are interested in furthering this process, please donate about $10 - $20. Don't donate more than that. If you want to donate more, it involves more paperwork on my part and I'm not ready for it yet.

All donations will be tax deductible (US federal) for the year they are made.

Studio Rumble - Have Your Match Casted

The volunteer casting program is now live! To see who's signed-up as a caster click here.

If you would like to have your match casted, you may do so using the website. Next to your match there is now a link for ‘Request caster’. When you request a caster, the admin of the other team will be mailed to confirm or deny the request.

Once the match is approved, it will show up for the casters as a match to cast. Any number of casters may sign-up. You cannot pick or exclude casters (this is honor system since you have to invite them to your match).

Once a caster is signed-up to cast your match, they will show up in the Casting Schedule with a link to their stream.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the match time for your match is accurate. The website relies on the date of the match to tell people when to watch the stream.

IMPORTANT: You must coordinate with casters of your match to have them join your custom game. Their tag is available on their profile, likewise you can message them.

IMPORTANT: Your match cast will be public. Remember your NDA!


Can anyone cast?
Yes. If you know someone, have them apply here.

I don’t want random streamers to know my information
A caster will only be able to see your tag if you are the captain of a team and have approved a match for casting.

Where do I watch?
Matches to be streamed will be posted here:
Recordings of matches are listed here:

Live Substitution of Players

The question was asked if live substitution of players is allowed. After thinking about possible options, I've decided to allow substitution of players.

However, the mechanics of Overwatch prevent substitution in many situations. As such, substitution can only be done when switching sides on attack / defense maps.

You only play 1 map per week (round)

The wording on the match page was confusing. To clarify:

You only play 1 map each week. A round is a number keeping track of which week we are in. This week's match is round 1, Volskaya Industries.

Next week's match (round 2) will be the map Ilios.

Info on Scoring:

Tournament Has Started!


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