What format for PUBG?

Vote on a perspective mode for PUBG.

First Person Perspective
81% (44 votes)
Third Person Perspective
19% (10 votes)
Total votes: 54

What game should host the 2018 Studio Rumble Tournament?

Please vote for the game that will host the 2018 Studio Rumble Tournament. You may vote for up to 4 games. Poll open until 2018-03-20.

NOTE: If the game has multiple formats (PUBG), the format will be chosen in a separate poll after this poll.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
48% (44 votes)
35% (32 votes)
Dragon Ball Fighterz
22% (20 votes)
20% (18 votes)
17% (16 votes)
Tribes 2
12% (11 votes)
Unreal Tournament
10% (9 votes)
Street Fighter 5
10% (9 votes)
9% (8 votes)
Quake 3
7% (6 votes)
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 92

Nominate Games for the 2018 Tournament

Hello Everyone!

Another year, another tournament!

We will soon be choosing the game to host the tournament. This will be done via a Poll on this website (Poll to be posted at a later date). Please use this post to nominate games to be in the future Poll.

Put your nomination in the comment section. You must be logged in and an approved SR member to comment.

- Diamonds

Rocket League 2017 Winners: Final Boss - Psyonix

Congrats to the winners of the Rocket League 2017 "Try Hards" bracket: Final Boss (Psyonix). https://www.studiorumble.com/node/1042/bracket.

Donation goals reached!

Thank you everyone for donating to Studio Rumble. We have reached our donation goals! Donations are still welcome. Extra donations will go to building a mobile app to help organize our tournaments.

Top donors:
- Robin
- OneLetter
- VeroHime
- Shrew

Studio Rumble is run by your donations!

Help Studio Rumble keep the lights on by donating now.

Year-End Donation Goal: $1,020.21 / $1,000

Our expenses:
  • Email, hosting, domain ~$25 / month
  • Trophy $80 per tournament
  • Non-Profit government / legal fees $750 (one time)

Donation Tier 1

Donation's over $10 grant you Non-Profit Member status. These members will vote for the Board of Directors who then vote for the President (who runs everything). Voting will happen in December. You will also have access to view the accounting records of the NPO.

Stretch Goals - Mobile App!

To help everyone organize, we have started working on a mobile app. The app will allow you to organize matches through your phone. Message other teams / players. And send reminders about upcoming matches. Extra donations will be spent towards hiring programmers to work on the app.


Please note that we did not qualify for a 501c3 non-profit (we tried). We are a Business League (501c6). That means donations are not tax deductible for individuals.

A business may sponsor Studio Rumble and claim a business expense. There are specific rules on this, so any business would need to consult a tax adviser to be sure. Business may email Diamonds for additional details.

- Diamonds



Rocket League Tournament - 2017 - Main Event

The main tournament for Rocket League will start August 20th (meaning matches get sent on that date). The tournament format is Double Knockout. As usual, when you get your matches, you have one week to complete them.

Please make sure to finish your matches within that week. If you do not complete your match, then the tournament will stall because other teams are waiting on you.

There are 3 Knockout divisions: Filthy Casual, Normal People and Try Hards. Discuss with your team as to which division you want to be in.


Your team captain must enroll your team into one of the three divisions. Please only pick one.

You will not be playing in the tournament if your team does not enroll. We do this to filter out AFK teams.

Below is the list of divisions:

Pre-season over. One week break

Hi all,

Pre-season is now over. We will take a 1 week break before the Round Robin tournament starts. I will send out another email with details when that happens.

If you still have unfinished pre-season matches, please complete those and record the results.

- Diamonds



Matches updated

New teams have been added to the tournament. That means that a number of matches have been changed. Please look at your schedule to see the changes.

The Try Hardest league has an odd number of teams. One team will have a bye each week. You should not have more than 1 bye.

This is a manual process. Please look at your schedule and make sure that I didn't make a mistake!

Special note: you can have your match casted if you want. Please ask your team captain to request a caster if you want one. Previously casted matches can be found here: Match Recordings.


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