Rocket League - Which Platform?

Help us choose which platform to host the Rocket League tournament. Pick all the platforms that are convenient for you to play on.

If you pick a platform that is at your work, then you should be prepared to come into work on the weekend to play your match.

PC (steam)
90% (35 votes)
Playstation 4
21% (8 votes)
Xbox One
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 39


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I thought I read that somewhere... haven't actually tried it.


I think so? Someone should probably test that.

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It is, but you can't invite non-native platforms to a group (so you can't make a custom game with xbox + ps4/ps4 + pc/xbox + pc).

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Oooh ok.

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WTF who owns a console?

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You actually can play custom games cross platform: