Streaming and Schedule

  1. There will not be any official streaming unless I can find a volunteer (email
  2. Players and spectators are allowed to stream as long as
    • They get permission from both team captains.
    • And they announce their intention to stream in All Chat multiple times before the game.
  3. If you make a permanent video please email it to and we will post it in the galary.
FAQ Update

Q) I usually do X on Sundays, are the games always on Sunday? What time? A) Teams can coordinate their scheduled games with the other team on any day/time within the week. The Sunday deadline is used as a hard determination that one team has forfeited.

Tournament Information


Pre-Season will be from July through August. Each team will play once a week, against a new team each week. The results of these matches are used to seed the tournament.

The Cup

The Tournament will be single elimination, starting after Pre-Season and is not expected to go past December. Last team standing wins!