Updated FAQ

Q) Do I need a minimum amount of heroes unlocked to be able to play ?
A) We are hoping to get a tourney realm supplied by blizzard. If we get that, then all heroes will be unlocked. If not, then we will use the standard realm. I don't think that there are any hero limits for custom games, but it might limit your competitive ability if you can't field certain heroes.

Q) Are the matches set to start on the day of the 26th ?
A) Matches will start the 26th, but there will be announcements before that. As far as time, I am expecting to have 'official' times which will be nighttime (accommodating both EST and PST). But teams will know 1 week in advance who they are playing and can make custom schedules. The Sunday deadline is how we determine if a team is unable to field a team and has to forfeit.

Q) What is the length of the competition?
A) If you keep winning, you can expect to keep playing until December (before Xmas vacation).