What game should host the 2018 Studio Rumble Tournament?

Please vote for the game that will host the 2018 Studio Rumble Tournament. You may vote for up to 4 games. Poll open until 2018-03-20.

NOTE: If the game has multiple formats (PUBG), the format will be chosen in a separate poll after this poll.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
48% (44 votes)
35% (32 votes)
Dragon Ball Fighterz
22% (20 votes)
20% (18 votes)
17% (16 votes)
Tribes 2
12% (11 votes)
Unreal Tournament
10% (9 votes)
Street Fighter 5
10% (9 votes)
9% (8 votes)
Quake 3
7% (6 votes)
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 92


Bolognacicle's picture

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2!

SirMohawk's picture

can more titles be added to the voting list?

Diamonds's picture

Yeah you can suggest some. But we purposely do not list games that have already hosted a tournament.

Hiddnfox's picture

Guess that means there will never be another year of getting to beat Valve at TF2 in the finals...

Jeopardy's picture

Does Studio Rumble generally only host 1 game per season? Looks like past games have generally been team-based, but there are a handful of 1v1 games doing well here too.