Nominate Games for the 2018 Tournament

Hello Everyone!

Another year, another tournament!

We will soon be choosing the game to host the tournament. This will be done via a Poll on this website (Poll to be posted at a later date). Please use this post to nominate games to be in the future Poll.

Put your nomination in the comment section. You must be logged in and an approved SR member to comment.

- Diamonds


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Street Fighter 5 / Dragon Ball Fighterz

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4man Player Unknowns Battleground Squads.

Set a time for matches to occur, once a week. Give out points based on the rank you get. After so many weeks crown a winner or make the top3-5 times face off in a finals match.

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Fortnite // CS:GO // SFV // Paladins

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PUBG, HotS, nubcake's decathlon idea, CS:GO, Fortnite

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4-man FPP PUBG

What EvrMoar said!

We ran a tournament internally over here, points for the rank your team finishes at, and points per kill. It was a big success!
Fixed timeslot, same every week so people can plan around it.
Tally the points over 10-12-15 weeks, and you have your winners! Can always make the last match worth more points to keep it interesting.
I'm available to discuss and share some of our experiences running the tournament if it ends up being the winning choice!
Cheers :)

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This is a slightly different idea - why not do something a little retro for a change? Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, CS 1.6.

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Maybe a melee game like Chivalry, For Honor or (for retro) Jedi Outcast Duel mode.

Or for a real change, some sort of competitive flight sim combat game? Like Eve: Valkyrie?


Team Fortress 2

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Scheduled time multiple times a week, teams fielding only 1 person per match
Stack rank points earned by all team members
Eventually add up individual points, and start scheduling team based matches based on availability in 2nd half of the season based on most popular times and turnout from individual matches

Need to avoid aggregating points per kill as a victory condition influence, and only as a tie breaker condition. Last one standing wins.

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I like the idea of having a mix of games, and perhaps a set that showcases individual and team talents.

PUBG on a private server could be cool for small team based matches.
Dragonball FighterZ

Also, the glutton within me says we should play Ark or something similar bwahaha