Studio Rumble is run by your donations!

Help Studio Rumble keep the lights on by donating now.

Year-End Donation Goal: $1,020.21 / $1,000

Our expenses:
  • Email, hosting, domain ~$25 / month
  • Trophy $80 per tournament
  • Non-Profit government / legal fees $750 (one time)

Donation Tier 1

Donation's over $10 grant you Non-Profit Member status. These members will vote for the Board of Directors who then vote for the President (who runs everything). Voting will happen in December. You will also have access to view the accounting records of the NPO.

Stretch Goals - Mobile App!

To help everyone organize, we have started working on a mobile app. The app will allow you to organize matches through your phone. Message other teams / players. And send reminders about upcoming matches. Extra donations will be spent towards hiring programmers to work on the app.


Please note that we did not qualify for a 501c3 non-profit (we tried). We are a Business League (501c6). That means donations are not tax deductible for individuals.

A business may sponsor Studio Rumble and claim a business expense. There are specific rules on this, so any business would need to consult a tax adviser to be sure. Business may email Diamonds for additional details.

- Diamonds