Pre-season has started!

Pre-season is here! Each team will play against each team in their group once. The results of pre-season are used to seed the tournament. The last game of pre-season is August 13th.

This weeks matches can be found here.
Team grouping can be found here.

Team creation and Solo-Queue is still available during pre-season but will be disabled afterward.


Each week, teams will have one week to schedule a match with the opposing team they are matched against. The default match dates are Sunday at 8:00 PM PST. This is the deadline for all matches. One team will default if match results are not submitted by this time.

The website provides a tool for suggesting and accepting match dates. You can also use Private Messages to coordinate. Please update the website with any agreed on dates. Team captains are responsible for organizing matches.


Once a match is over, both team captains from each team must submit their results on the website. The matches page will have a link for you to do this. One team captain will submit the score, the other team captain will be asked to approve it.

The results page asks for a score, enter 1 for the winner and 0 for the looser.

Match Format

Map: Each week a map will be chosen randomly. This weeks map is Garden of Terror.

Matches are done via a custom game in the public realm.

Each team should coordinate a 'poor mans draft'. Custom games do not have draft, so we will use honor system.

The format for this is: team A picks one hero. Team B then picks two heroes. Team A picks two heroes. Team B picks two heroes. Team A picks two heroes. Team B picks one hero. No team should have duplicate heroes. There will be no bans.

If 'poor mans draft' becomes to difficult we might not do it for the tournament. tags

All participants of the tournament can now view the profile pages of all other participants. Usernames are linked from the Team and Matches pages. Use the profile page to discover your opponent's battle tag. Only tournament participants can view battle tags.

You can send users a Private Message from their profile page as well.

Match Due Dates

The due dates are very soft. You can submit results later that the suggested date or even the day after.

The reason I suggest 8:30 PM PST is because of EST teams. When its 8:30 PST it is 11:30 EST.


Each week a map will be chosen randomly. Check the matches page for that weeks map.


Do not use HotS Draft for your custom game.

Captains: This tool will make drafting easier. Ultimately, use whatever format you want.