Studio Rumble is a community of game developers who wage constant tournament-based war across all genres of games. If you are looking to join the Studio Rumble steam group / community-at-large; find us on Steam at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/studiorumble. Please don't hesitate to ping one of the group administrators to be invited.

Studio Rumble is not sponsored or run by any video game company. We are all doing this in our free time.

Teams are not official company teams. When we say a team is 'XYZ company' it means that the team is composed employee's from that company. Nothing more, do not read beyond this fact.

Teams are not stacked. This is not the best of one company vs. the best of another. Do not try to gauge, measure or otherwise interpret the results of the match.

This website is used to host our tournaments.

You may also find us on Facebook and Youtube (no offical account, just search "studio rumble").