Rocket League Teams

Team Name Studio Skill
Rocksmith League Ubisoft Studio SF 10
Final Boss Psyonix 9
Life Goals Blizzard Entertainment 9
Banana Hammock Death Squad Psyonix 8
Supersonic Acrobatic Story-Driven Battle-Cars Telltale 8
The Real Dream Team Psyonix 8
EsCARgot Psyonix 7
Funny King Garbage Psyonix 7
Raw Dog Sony Santa Monica 7
The VVocketeers Vicarious Visions 7
Uptown Funk EA Tiburon 7
Wild Works Try Hards Wild Works 7
Awesomesauce Mixed 6
Flex-It Esports Psyonix 6
Mini Boss Psyonix 6
Swizzle Bandits Cloud Imperium Games 6
Team Uninstall Eidos/Ubisoft MTL 6
The Cars Raven Software 6
Magic Rocket Ride Magic Fuel Games 5
ONOH's Mixed 5
Pie Sonics Psyonix 5
PorkTorta Psyonix 5
Still.Not.Bitten. Telltale 5
The Realest Dream Team (Mele Youre Trash) Psyonix 5
Three Guys, One Ball Razer 5
Top Decked Blizzard Entertainment 5
VR Troopers Studio Roqovan 5
Wild Works Hardly Casuals Wild Works 5
2K 2Furious Hangar 13 (2K Games) 4
Skill Button Maxis 4
Soccer Punch Sucker Punch Productions 4
Episodic Slam Jam Telltale 3
Test Team: Please Ignore Fiveamp 3
Whiff Competition Darkwind Media 3
Wild Works Casuals Wild Works 3
Y U MADDEN? EA Tiburon 3
My Other Car Is A Rocket Sony San Diego 2
Rocket League: Story Mode Telltale 1
Whiff Free or Try Hard Telltale 1