Rocket League Teams

Team Name Studio
2K 2Furious Hangar 13 (2K Games)
A Murder of Ravens Raven Software
Awesomesauce Mixed
Banana Hammock Death Squad Psyonix
Birds of War Raven Software
Chicken for Dinner XBOX LIVE
DF Doobs Double Fine Productions
Episodic Slam Jam Telltale
EsCARgot Psyonix
Final Boss Psyonix
Final House Final Final
Flex-It Esports Psyonix
Funny King Garbage Psyonix
Harmonix Harmonix
Hot Droppers Riot Games
I'm gonna sing the DOOM song now id Software
Jedi Gun Tricks EA Sports - Tiburon
Life Goals Blizzard Entertainment
Luscious's Wet Bandits QC Games
Magic Fuel Ride Magic Fuel Games
Magic Rocket Ride Magic Fuel Games
Meatpugs EARS
Milbase Boys KorroBox
Mini Boss Psyonix
My Other Car Is A Rocket Sony San Diego
ONOH's Mixed
Pie Sonics Psyonix
Pochinki Ouariors Ubisoft Montreal
PorkTorta Psyonix
Raw Dog Sony Santa Monica
Ready PLAYERONEKNOWN Ubisoft San Francisco
Rocket League: Story Mode Telltale
Rocksmith League Ubisoft Studio SF
Royale with Cheese EA Sports Tiburon
ScrubG Sony San Diego
Skill Button Maxis
Soccer Punch Sucker Punch Productions
Sparkle Pwny WildWorks
Splody Dashing Strike
Still.Not.Bitten. Telltale
Supersonic Acrobatic Story-Driven Battle-Cars Telltale
Swizzle Bandits Cloud Imperium Games
Team Uninstall Eidos/Ubisoft MTL
Test Team: Please Ignore Fiveamp
The Cars Raven Software
The Darkwind Dacias Darkwind Media
The Real Dream Team Psyonix
The Realest Dream Team (Mele Youre Trash) Psyonix
The VVocketeers Vicarious Visions
Three Guys, One Ball Razer
Top Decked Blizzard Entertainment
Uptown Funk EA Tiburon
VR Troopers Studio Roqovan
Whiff Competition Darkwind Media
Whiff Free or Try Hard Telltale
Wild Works Casuals Wild Works
Wild Works Hardly Casuals Wild Works
Wild Works Try Hards Wild Works
Y U MADDEN? EA Tiburon