Rocket League Tournament - 2017 - Division 1

How to join:

  1. Read the Signup Rules & FAQ.
  2. Read the Rocket League Tournament Rules (has information on platform).
  3. Organize a team of 3 players at your studio.
  4. Determine which division your team would like to participate in. NEW
  5. Create a team on the Studio Rumble website. Set which division your team will participate in.
  6. IMPORTANT! The website will not be organizing Solo-Queue this year. If you do not have a team, join Discord (see link on the left) to find team mates.
  7. Team creation will be open during Pre-Season but will close when the Tournament starts.

To sign-up you must create an account on the Studio Rumble website.

Questions can be sent to:


There will be many divisions this year. The actual number will be determined once we know how many teams there are. When you create a team, you will be asked for your skill. Please input a number one through ten. Ten is higher skill. This will be used to place your team in a division. NEW

Tournament Information


Round Robin Pre-Season starts June 18th for all divisions (meaning the first matches will be posted on this date, teams will have a week to play their match after posting). Pre-Sason will last through end of July. Each team will play once a week, against a new team each week. The results of these matches are used to seed the tournament.

The Cup

Start date TBD (probably early August). Tournament format TBD (single or double elimination).