PUBG Specifics FAQ

Team creation and points are different this year verses previous tournaments.

  • Team sizes are minimum 3 and no upper limit.
  • There is no limit on number of teams per studio.
  • No cooperation between in-game teams allowed.
  • No sound hacking allowed (turning up volume beyond normal to get a hearing advantage).
  • There is no suggested team size. Even if you have 20 players on your team, everyone on your roster will still be able to play each week.
  • Everyone on your roster will still be generating points for your team regardless of who they are playing with in-game.
  • Scoring enables this because:
    • Points are awarded by in-game rank of a match.
    • Each player on the in-game team gives their points to the team they are rostered on, on the website.

Q: So you don't play as a team with your team?
A: You don't have to, you can play with whoever. This allows for no odd-man out people.

Q: Wouldn't you generate more points just by having more people on your team?
A: Team points are an average, per team. If your team scores no points for a week, then you get 1 recorded point entry of 0 points
Q: Wouldn't that create the opposite problem?
A: Only if you think you're so good as to get 1st place each time. Where as, a large roster will have a more protection against RNG bad luck. Creating your roster and number of teams is a strategy to consider.

Q: let's say your studio is fielding 5 teams, your teams get: 20, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point, that's an averaged 6 points.......
A: Team points are per team, not per studio.

Q: So a good strategy for a big studio would be to have one big group, and a few smaller teams that are elite guys?
A: Maybe, if you think those bad people will bring you down. Or, you might get screwed by RNG, running into the good players of other studios really early and get a low point that throws your whole average in a spin. Or if your roster only has 4 players, you might have to get 4 random people when we play a match of team size 8.

Q: I am solo. What do I do?
A: You will get points for the individual leaderboard, but not for the team leaderboard.

Q: Can I squad-size 1?
A: Only for matches of team size 1, unlike public games, custom games do not allow for squad-size 1.