Overwatch Tournament - 2016

How to join:

  1. Read the Signup Rules & FAQ.
  2. Organize a team at your studio.
  3. Determine which division your team would like to participate in. NEW
  4. Create a team on the Studio Rumble website. Set which division your team will participate in.
  5. Pre-Season has started! Signup and team creation still available during Pre-Season.
  6. Signup closes when the Tournament starts.

To sign-up you must create an account on the Studio Rumble website.

Questions can be sent to: admin@studiorumble.com.


There are two divisions with this years tournament; Try Hard and Dirty Casual. NEW

Try Hard Division: This is the standard tournament. It is for competitive teams. Format will consist of Round Robin pre-season which will seed the bracket tournament (single or double elimination TBD).

Casual: This is a non-competitive division. It is meant for new players and people with a Life™. This division will only have Round Robin, which will run longer to accommodate for the lack of an elimination tournament. This division also starts on June 5th.

Tournament Information


Round Robin Pre-Season starts June 5th for both divisions, lasting through end of July. Each team will play once a week, against a new team each week. The results of these matches are used to seed the tournament.

The Cup

Start date TBD (probably early August). Tournament format TBD (single or double elimination). The Dirty Casual division will not have an elimination tournament. Instead its Round Robin will be prolonged (probably end of August).