Overwatch Tournament 2016 - All Match Recordings

Match Caster Link
Twitch Plays Overwatch v Mei the force be with you RainbowPi
Sly Noon v Ringer Police RainbowPi
#AllCharactersMatter v No Bastion For Old Men RainbowPi
Rumble's Elite Krash Team v Twitch Plays Overwatch RainbowPi
DICE DICE BBY v Treinhardts RainbowPi
MUTWatch v Pharahdise Mei RainbowPi
Mei the force be with you v Pharahdise Mei RainbowPi
Guild Warriors v Fresh Pots RainbowPi
MUTWatch v DICE DICE BBY RainbowPi
Twitch Plays Overwatch v Solo Queue - Try Hard Division RainbowPi
The Sims 6 v Homtanks, notice us RainbowPi
Sly Noon v I O E RainbowPi
Zenyattamatopoeia v The Turbine Tryhards RainbowPi
#AllCharactersMatter v BANANG RainbowPi
The Turbine Tryhards v 360 No Scopely RainbowPi
Level Appropriate v Who Watches the Overwatch? RainbowPi
Who Watches the Overwatch? v By Design RainbowPi
Zenyattamatopoeia v No Bastion For Old Men RainbowPi
Let the drEAgon consume you v Cloudy with a Chance of Justice RainbowPi
Jet Set Lucio v Overwatch Mei Nae Nae RainbowPi