Overwatch Tournament - 2016

The Cup

The Tournament will be double elimination, you will have 7 days to complete your match. Matches are best of one. If you lose, you will be moved to the losers bracket, if you loose in the losers bracket you are out.

Scoring and rules will be the same, except we will be playing with the highlander rule (only one hero per team, no duplicates).

Links for the Main Bracket, Losers Bracket and Final are at the top of the Brackets page.

Map List:

  • Round 1: Numbani
  • Round 2: Hollywood
  • Round 3: Lijiang Tower
  • Round 4: King's Row
  • Round 5: Route 66
  • Round 6: Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Round 7: Temple of Anubis
  • Round 8: Ilios
  • Round 9: (TBD)