Heroes of the Storm Teams

Team Name Studio
Guys, This is Pretty Much Over 343 Industries
Team (Insta)Locke 343 Industries
Viking Rage Big Viking Games
OOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo Goooooolllllllldddddeeeeennn Leeegendarryyyyyy Blizzard - Team 5
Samurais In Disguise Blizzard Entertainment
Zeroes of the Storm Blizzard Entertainment
Soft Engage Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard All Stars Blizzard Entertainment - Team 1
Practice Squad Blizzard Entertainment - Team 1
Push Bottom Hard Blizzard Team 3
Marcy's Angels Cartoon Network Digital
StarWinter Champs Cryptic Studios
Crystal Raider Crystal Dynamics
Cops on Seaport Crystal Dynamics
DDI There's The Door DoubleDown Interactive
Gary's Groupies DropForge Games
AFK@Franklins EA Austin
The Sims Five EA Maxis
Gryff EA Maxis
Offensive Flash EA Tiburon
Not in the Face EA Tiburon
Das Katzen Elgato Gaming
Xcomvict Firaxis
GLUthor Lightbringers Glu Mobile
Pizza Party Harmonix
India Whiskey Infinity Ward
Team GFB Iron Galaxy Studios
Solo-Queue N/A
My Other Passive Is Winning Phosphor Games Studio
Tryhards PopCap
PvZ Heroes of the Storm PopCap
Bird Law Specialists Raven Software
Good Enough Isn't Raven Software
Dr. John Duty's Extraordinary Gentlemen Raven Software
Red Hots Red 5 Studios
Chosen 5 Red 5 Studios
AttackOnSidonia Riot Games
Sons of Jadeja Riot Games
Abe's Babes and the Smiths Riot Games
SAy My Name Riot Games
360 No Scopely Scopely
Heroes of the Storm8 Storm8 Studios
Live Freemium or Die Hard Tapjoy
The Telltale Tools Telltale Games
The B-Team Treyarch
Stop Feeding Drew Treyarch
Known Shippable Trion Worlds
The Windy Fellows Turbine
Komfort Konfectionaries Turbine
Don't be afraid to eat the squirrels! Turbine
UbiMtl Ubisoft Montreal
Lane Swaggers Ubisoft Montreal
Raynor Swift Wikia
Smart Bomb Wild Works
Zyngites of the Storm Zynga