Heroes of the Storm Tournament - 2015

The Cup

The Tournament will be double elimination, starting September 21st you will have 7 days to complete your match. Matches are best of one. If you loose, you will be moved to the losers bracket, if you loose in the Losers Bracket you are out.

Links for the Main Bracket, Losers Bracket and Final are at the top of the Brackets page.

Map List:

  • Round 1: Sky Temple
  • Round 2: Dragon Shire
  • Round 3: Cursed Hollow
  • Round 4: Sky Temple
  • Round 5: Blackhearts Bay
  • Round 6: Haunted Mines
  • Round 7: Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Round 8: Cursed Hollow
  • Round 9: Infernal Shrines
  • Round 10: Garden of Terror
  • Final: TBD